Data Storage and Management

Data management is the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures in order to manage the information lifecycle needs of an enterprise in an effective manner. IMS provides data storage services to give you the storage capabilities you need with opportunities for expansion. With assistance from a IMS IT expert, you can plan out expansion and growth, without interruption or reconfiguration. Storage capabilities are an essential asset to your business framework and IMS gives you the expertise, support and technology to grow, expand and continue evolving.

Data Center

  • Secure and Reliable - Redundant critical systems to support critical business requirements
  • Minimize or Eliminate IT Hardware Costs - Run business applications and manage storage requirement on our servers and equipment
  • Reduce Overhead - Our team of experts are available to support all of your IT requirements, reducing demand on personnel overhead
  • Security - Our redundant systems located 125 feet underground provide protection from environmental risks, power disruption, and interruption of internet connectivity, as well as, multi-level state-o-the-art access control.

Let IMS help you design and build your next storage environment

State-of-the-ART Datacenter and Customized Cloud Hosting

  • Underground, environmentally regulated and secure facility
  • GSA Approved
  • SAS 70 Certified